SXSW Day 6: A Tragedy

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So, Wednesday was not a great day at SXSW. I'm a couple of days late on posting about it because frankly, I've been dreading it.

Before I get into the real tragedy, I'll just say I saw a Kat Candler movie called "Hellion." She's getting some acclaim for it, but I really didn't like it. I thought the story was inconsistent and weak and it was just kind of boring. I did think the cinematography was pretty and most of the technical elements were on point, but I just did not connect with the story. So, lets just say I was already in a bad enough mood after that film.

Duncan (my boyfriend) and I were trying to decide what we wanted to do after the screening. We texted a friend to see if he wanted to go out downtown, but he didn't answer, so we decided to just head home. Thank god we did.

It is with a heavy heart that I report on the horrific incident that happened on Red River near The Mohawk around 12:30am early Thursday morning. Not all of the details have been released, but what I do know is that a drunk driver was pulled over on on the highway's access road, he tried to outrun the cops and ended up driving through a barricade and killed 2 people (injured 23). From what I've read, the man was a rapper and was in town for SXSW and was supposed to play a show just half an hour after his wreck. Rest assured, he was in a jail cell instead. There are more details emerging as we speak, and I encourage you to read about it if you're interested, but I just can't talk about it anymore. The only good things I can say about this tragedy is that 1. no one I know got hurt (a miracle, considering how many people I know who have been participating in SXSW and hanging out downtown this week) 2. The people of Austin are the best in the world, and everyone is banding together to make sure everything is done that needs to be. If you're in the Austin Area, I encourage you to donate blood because after the incident, the city hospitals are very low on blood at the moment.

So. Yeah. That was the mid-week horror. After the shock of it all, Duncan and I just didn't feel like going out on Thursday, so I will not be posting a blog about yesterday. Today was also a busy day: I had a shoot that I was directing and producing this afternoon & we have a readthru for a film we're acting in this evening so the only thing we'll get to is a midnight show tonight. Stay tuned tomorrow for my review on that! xoxo

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