Taiiku no hi ( Sports day )

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What is TAIIKU NO HI ... it is Health and Sports Day [体育の日] (taiiku no hi) here in Japan . That definitely brings sportsmanship, and teamwork.... It was TAIIKU no hi yesterday , October 12 , and  a National holiday .

In Japan it seems as if there is a holiday for every occasion, and the concept of encouraging a sports-minded culture is not outside the realm of reasons to celebrate. 

Some people may have recently observed some type of crowd-drawing festivity at local Japanese school, and wondered what the hubbub of commotion was all about. Typically preceding Taiiku-No-Hi are a succession of school sports festivals. These festivals, known as Undokai, are one of the highlights of the year for many young Japanese students. Take a look at the following photos to see :


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