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          Everyday just waking on the streets of Kabul you will see people who are so much busy in their works. The bazaars, highways, buses and car stations, shopping malls, restaurants and so on… are so pushy. Everybody is shouting no matter what business they have, the bus drivers, car drivers, the servants of the restaurants, to get your attention that they are there and are always calling on people that their cars, restaurants are the best as you are the customer and want to buy their car or restaurants. The highways are so much crowded that you will think as all the people of the city might have come and have gathered here. 

        Moreover everybody is so much in a hurry as if they do not hurry they might lose something or all things might finish by the time they get there, like the black Fridays of America. And here is when you have to be focused and take care of yourself like something which might brake as most of the times you will be in the hands of a crowed that you will not know where this crowed might take you. Most importantly that you have to take a special care of your bag, as I believe you might really not want to get aware of your bag and money when you want to pay for the thing you have walked several hours for, in the crowed that hardly will let you to survive in the hot and dusty summer days of Kabul. 


        Well, though it is nearly 7 years that I am living in Kabul and by now I should have gotten used to these things and should have so much talent in keeping myself and my stuff safe. But seems as I haven’t learned the real tricks of it or maybe those people are finding new ways of bothering people as in Dari we say: thieves are always a step further than the police. However the other day I went shopping with my cousin as she needed a dress. After passing all the difficulties as usual we finally could make our way to the mall and we were fatigue but thankfully after searching a lot she finally could find what she wanted.

        However it was not the end of the story and we had to start barging, as always and according to Kabul’s custom where you don’t see any fix prices and the price depends on how good bargainer you are. Well we are not as bad in barging as we are Kabuli girls. Here we were now, the time to pay. My cousin start searching her bag but her purse was not there. Somebody had stolen it. She was near to cry but what could we do except coming back home. Thanks God there was some money with me to come home, otherwise we had to wait till afternoon for our boy cousin to come and get us. In brief the event ruined our day. But it surely taught us a lesson that it is always necessary to have a self-defense tools with us like spray and things like that.

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Yasameen Mohammadi is a junior student at St.Paul preparatory high school in St.Paul Minnesota. And is currently working at Film Annax as a blogger.

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