Taking Note is a Classic Way Which is Challenge for Students in Collage

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Taking note in the class in one of the classic techniques which students use. Most of students want to take notes better and easier in the class but it is not the same for all because they don’t know how to take useful note. Taking note is very important for a successful students in collage. It helps me to remember lectures which I studied before and teacher are not repeating them again. In addition, it helps me to focus on the lessons more. For example, I don’t write all the lectures that are given during the class. I create some key words or sentences that relate to the lecture which helps me understand better everything


Taking note also gives me the feeling of responsibility. However, sometimes I create some signs in my notes which means I have to do something such as “H.W” that mean this page is HOME WORK. In other worlds, I have recorder to record all the teacher’s lectures so I listen when I have free time that helps me to improve my listening. In some classes I have plenty of time to take notes but there are some classes like; math, geometer that you have to listen to teacher and then take note. Taking notes helps me to understand the lessons better. It teaches me to identify the important parts of lessons, to be more critical person, to focus more on details, to learn the lesson easier and faster and to understand materials better.  Finally, we can see, taking note has many benefits. I take notes very well in some classes like biology, geology and English class which have some picture in the books and help me to understand better.

I have a good technique for taking note, I make a web like spider that everything connects together and explain more understandable details or concept map, but I am worst to take notes in some classes like math and geometry. First of all, I hate these classes. Second, I have to pay attention to teacher very well and I can’t do two or three activities in same time. For example: listen to teacher carefully, pay attention and taking note. But I try to have a recorder in this classes that help me listen to lecture over and over.

Taking note causes deeper developing and good understanding of materials because you clear and recognized  that which part is more important than the other parts and it causes you think about the solution, problems and questions. You can improve the critical thinking, when you take notes you can find your problems and ask question from teacher to explain more about that. For example: if you take note you can make some questions and solve your problems when you discus with your friends or teacher.

By: Mona Haidari


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Mona Haidari studies Business Adminstration at American University of Afghanistan. She is also a writer for Afghan Women Writing Project. Mona loves arts like painting and music. She made two documentary movies.

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