Taking Payments Outside Of The Banking System

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After listening to the presentation by Adam Vaziri at the @bitcoinfocus event, I had the pleasure of meeting with him to discuss Bitcoin, E-money and The Regulators. Adam explains what E-money is and the challenges it faced (and still to some extend is), from the regulators 13 years ago. It is not difficult to find the parallels to Bitcoin when discussed in the same context. Adam talks about perception and how both E-money and Bitcoin suffer from this same issue when it comes to the regulators. Adam gives Germany as an example, which led us to talk about the regulations that just took place in Berlin. Adam names possible progressive banks in the UK that may be happy to experiment with Bitcoin. When asked about addressing concerns of large international Bitcoin transfers, Adam answers that we should regulate Bitcoin for the benefit of society.
We also discussed the power of Bitcoin as a disruptive technology and taking payments outside of the banking system. Selected cuts below.
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