Taliban era in Afghanistan

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On the Taliban government people suffered many problems.  They had lived on very bad situation. Most of our people left Afghanistan for abroad. Those who were inside the country, Taliban were torturing on them.

On the Talban government, schools were closed for women. Women couldn’t go out from homes. If a woman went out, Talban beat her. Women weren’t among the society. Women couldn’t study and receive education as well as they couldn’t do any jobs.

When Taliban was in power, men were in bad condition too. They couldn’t live easily, Taliban hated them. They must have turban and they also couldn’t shave their beards.

After the fall of Taliban


People can live in a convenient situation. People who migrated abroad return home. Men and women can learn   teach and they can do jobs.

Now women can be among the society and even members of social media. They can learn, and teach to both men and women.  Women have no that much restriction anymore. They can go shopping; attend schools as well as men are free. Those who want to put turban on, they do it, and those who do not like, they don’t.

Now, you see most of the youths whose beards are shaved, and they think about different styles as well. This is right a situation that was considered a big sin when Taliban was in power.


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I am Omar Nasir Mojaddidi, who has already graduated from Journalism Faculty of Herat University. Since I have got a deep interest in Journalism field, I established Zohal Radio Station about five years ago. Besides,I am the elected head Journalist's House in Herat Afghanistan.

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