Taliban's non-stop paradox on the current Afghanistan

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After the fall of Taliban in 2001,the new Afghan government supported by the US and NATO has been controling the overall political,social,economical and external activites of the country.The legally fallen Taliban has continously made a terrorist attack on the Civilians so that thousands of Afghan citizens have been demolished mainly by this Islamic force.Taliban's information center said that long lasting peace and restoration is only there if and only if the new government of Afghanistan is transformed power to Taliban thereby following the withdrawal of any external forces like the NATO and US army.

Whatever the situation is the Taliban,on one had, said positive perspective to Afghanistan by showing the failure of NATO and US powers to sustain peace and security rather 11 long years has passed with the ongoing war but simultaneously,on the other hand,Taliban killed several civilians and destroyed the most essential infrastructures that have a real meaning for the Afghan society.How can a person made an agreement withe the two opposite ideas?I mean the paradox of the Taliban actions on different perspectives are really 'nothing' without claiming Jihad or other unwanted actions rather than trying to restore peace.Since the defeat of Taliban in 2001,there is no way out to calm  movement of Afghan civilians due to the threat of the Taliban forces in a long internal war.The Taliban forces hope that one day the former Islamic government will defeat all the American and the NATO forces and restore the powerful Islamic center who is led by the Taliban elders and religious reformers.They also said that Afghan citizens are treated like a slave in their own motherland without the full right to practice their religion.However,I have observed that the death of the native Afghan citizens are becoming more and more mainly due to Taliban so how can this 'Islamic extremist' said this unreasonable idea?This is completely Paradox!

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