Taliban:Terrorist or Patriot?

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For the past eleven-twelve years,Afghanstan has been in control of the new democratic government of Afghanistan in collaboration with the US and NATO forces. Even though Taliban has lost its power,the negative impact that we have seen day to day is paradox. I mean,Taliban's internal gurella attacks in the countries various cities is still a taboo.The Us and NATO forces has continuously attacked the peacful life of the Afghan civilians. The Taliban leaders said that 'It is a shame to live under the power of the western countries including the US since we have no right to express and choose whatever we want in our mother country.We do not lose hope till the total driving out of the US and NATO army and the new Afghan government.'

If this is the only case,I don't think that Taliban's leader kill thousands of civilians in the past eleven years.Most civilians have been forced to obey the law of Taliban in those horrific days and there is no right to ask what an Afghan citizen should walk in the middle of the Taliban's administration. This was simply because Taliban is chauvinistic that their leaders thought only for their personal needs and the philosophy that they carries out is completely non participative,aggressive and see the citizens as objects rather than active parts of the community.

We have also heard that the remaining Taliban gang consider itself as 'a patriot that stood for the freedom of Afghanistan’, is that really true?not at all! In those times were Taliban has controlled Afghanistan, the world experienced a number of terrorist attacks and killings by the cover of Islamic sense that Afghan has badly fruited the 'dark man' Osama Binladen who stood first to demolish US and the other western countries without any legal reasons rather just a pretext to explode bombs and kill thousands of civilians all over the world.

Therefore, I don't agree that Taliban is the real positive patriot rather a gang of terrorist of today and tomorrow! 



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