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Hi guys! Let's talk about taking care of freshly made tattoos. There are many myths and tips that we can find on the Internet, but we do not have that much confidence in it, in my personal experience, I would love to help others with things that I would have liked to know. So, here are my tips :D


1.- When can I take off the film? Well, when I got my first tattoo, in that studio they told me "Don't take it off in 3 days minimum". And I was like "what? really?" I took the advice and the ink started to make dirty the film and to block completely the view of the tattoo, of course, I was really confused and I wanted to take off immediately, but don't take it off, was the best decision I could have ever made, here's why:

First, a tattoo is an open wound, so you must protect it from bacterias and other things in the air. Besides that, the film helps you to scar faster. I last 5 days with the film on it because it took off by itself, it was really hard to not to get it wet when I was showering. But, when I saw my tattoo I was really scared because it looked so swollen. But of course, that was natural. The great thing was that the wound was about to heal completely. Leading me to the next advice.

2.- When you take off the film, Wash the area. You have to wash your hands and wash the wound with neutral soap. This is important to prevent an infection.

3. Moisturize your skin. All right, this is the final step, you need to moisturize that tattoo when the crust looks good, when you touch it and it feels strong. IF you don't moisturize the tattoo, the crust will fall and it'll take a lot of ink with it, and your tattoo will lose color.

4.-  Do not expose your tattoo out at the sun. The sun will burn your skin, and of course, the tattoo will look less deep, and you're gonna lose color.

Take a really good care of that piece of art in your skin!

That's it guys, I'll see you on the next time ;)


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