TB 2/21/2015 - 12.9141 mbtc

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Wow! Another excellent day for me...increasing bonus points from the treasure box is really something. It's not everyday that I experience such but this is indeed a good sign that all my hard works are being paid off!

I always get excited whenever I got the chance to open that magical treasure box as it really gave us something we don't expect to receive at the end of the day.

With the increased power ups, from +42 yesterday to +48 today and with the help of my referral bonus earnings, that really helped me increased my treasure box. But then, the difficult part in here is maintaining or making it possible to earn for more.

But so far I'm enjoying it as my rank from the LEADERBOARD also increased by 1 spot. From number 6 yesterday, now I'm part of the top 5. ^_^

Have a blessed day everyone ^_^

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