TB 3/5/2015 24.45386 mbtc

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A slight decrease on my treasure box as I've received 24.45386 mbtc today (March 5,2015)

I did not reach the number of power ups needed to reach or even surpass the buzz points I have yesterday. But the amount is still fine for me.

And as I've checked again the leaderboard, seems like I'm still on my place since yesterday - #2.

Oh, what a day! I hope you guys are also happy with what your earning here now.

Many have been asking me how I achieved such amounts? Well, honestly, I also don't know. But I tried to become more active lately and submit something that is desirable on all categories.

I've also been a slowpoke in here, but through the help of Jean's blogs that I used to read everyday, it gave me hope that it is indeed possible to achieve such kind of achievements.

Again, I want to thank everyone for this ^_^

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