TB 3/7/2015 26.62454mbtc

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Oooh lala...Another huge amount from my treasure box tonight! This has been my largest bonus points so far and this really made me so happy! ^_^ This is just so unexpected as the power ups I had had expired one by one. 

But I was just so thankful that I had so many subscribers today that really helped me reach more than the powerups I had yesterday. This I think is the 4th day I'm on the second spot, and this is really amazing.

I don't know when will this thing come to its end, but I'm very much happy with what I had achieved in here so far. I was just dreaming of such amounts before, but hey! I never had thought that I can also experience such in the long run. 

To all those who had dreamed of reaching this kind of bonus points: "Don't stop dreaming, soar high and work out on it. Be consistent and active and eventually, you'll also achieve it." ^_^

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