Tears of nature (part 2)

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In my last blog (“Tears of nature” par1) I’ve told you some aspects of our unkind behavior towards nature that we are destroying nature by cutting trees day by day and our activities caused big hole in Ozone Layer. In this blog I’m going to tell you about some more ruthless and careless attitude towards nature.


“We are so much advanced that we are capable of sending rockets to space, moon and other planets. We are spending billions on this useless pursuit, but we are not able to stop pollution of the sea. It causes Mother Nature to cry but we are unaware of it and considering that we will learn with the passage of time”.

We are developing rockets, sending to moon and other planets. We are exploring other planets but ignoring problems of our own planet. We are spending billions on these projects but are doing nothing to stop pollution of sea. But we are considering that we will learn with the passage of time.


“Every day we hear that an animal specie (Polar Bear) is about to extinct or has already extinct. But we keep quiet about it. Our attitude becomes diplomatic. We would know its results as time goes on”.

We are undermining the balance of nature which is causing extinction of species. We hear about it through media but show diplomatic attitude to this news. We don’t pay any attention to this problem that’s why it is taking place, which activities are responsible for it. Still, we think, we would learn with the passage of time.


In short, we are destroying our nature from every aspect. We have to do something for it, otherwise the life on this planet will impossible.




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My name is zain ul abidin. I am a player of gymnastic and karate. i joined bitlanders at 11th jan 2014.

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