Technical Report Writing-2(Reading)

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There are two types of receptive skills

  • Listening
  • Reading


Reading is of two types

o   Intensive reading

o   Extensive reading

   Intensive reading is subject to time period.

v It involves certain environment

In this type of reading, a certain class room or some institute is involved.

v It subject to evaluation

A person is understood that he has read something by evaluating, by quizzes, assignments & exams.

v It is void of option

Readers have no choice of their favorite subject or topic, so they have to read every subject corresponding to their curriculum.

v It involves interaction

By intensive reading there is some interaction build between teacher & students, so it involves interaction.

v Certain amount of knowledge oriented

If we study electronics, we just need to get knowledge of engineering, no some other stuff. So it is knowledge oriented.

v To some extent, It reflects ability of concerned one

After reading intensively, it is not guaranteed that the reader has all the reflections of this knowledge, though, to some extent we can say that it reflects to reader.

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