Technical SEO vs. Marketing SEO - What Is The Difference

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Technical SEO vs. Marketing SEO Currently I’m on business in California and had an interesting conversation about SEO I wanted to do my best to replicate here (but also leave out the juicy, confidential bits). We were discussing the different types of SEO individuals in the marketplace and how they go about solving or configuring an SEO strategy. It’s not very likely that everybody has the same mentality walking through the door because that would imply they have the same skillset. Since we know this isn’t the case we narrowed it down to two types of SEO:

Technical SEO –

Technical SEO is your guy who can crawl your website to find broken links, broken lines of code, and rearrange the onsite content in a way to have it better correlated to what your keyword strategy is.

This involves diving into the backend of the website and figuring out how the current structure can be optimized so that Google can quickly cache the site for its index. This also involves submitting the site to directories and being sure that every page is crawled and nothing is getting left behind.

Marketing SEO –

Marketing SEO is your guy that is all about content marketing, visibility, and relevance in the beginning. The marketing SEO will give you the keyword strategy in place to inhibit your content strategy and allow you to edit it to rank specifically for a set of optimized keywords. They will go through each page and analyze content specifically so you can see where your keywords rank for that page. If they are poor then the marketing SEO will give you the tips and tricks to get higher for those keywords.

They’re also the person who will look for links for your website to be spread farther across the web as they focus more on the Google ranking factors which aren’t technical. The technical SEO has these under control. Both are equally important.

Those who know me personally know I dabble between both (most do if you do this long enough), but I would put myself in the marketing SEO column. Since I got my start in Social SEO and Social Media and not straight coding I never really needed the skillset since I’d use a CMS like Wordpress. I’ll be highlighting more SEO conversations and findings throughout the week.

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