Telemedicine a step for improving Afghanistan’s health system

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Recently, Afghan doctors are using internet to treat their patients. It shows that we decided to choose our way, the way of using today’s technologies for health system. This system enables doctors to deal with patients and receive a detailed medical history of the patients. Doctors can talk with international or other doctors for treatment of their patients and send relevant information to other hospital to solve the problem.


Telemedicine provide doctors to share their experiences with each other about an illness. Using internet to treat an ill can be efficient for the ill too, because he or she can get advice of other doctors too.


This system can prevent Afghan people from paying a big amount of money to outside hospitals. It can prevent them to go outside of country for their medication and waste their time. For this reason Telemedicine is very important for the poor people of Afghanistan and it will improve their health.

Telemedicine enables medical staff to meet the new technology and use their tasks easily, faster and more frequently. But, limited accessibility is a big problem to keep attention on.

By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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Kabul University

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