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Alexander Graham Bell is the person who invented the telephone in 1876. His primary motive for this invention is instant communication. After this great invention of human history man can give and take instant massages and can communicate with their relatives, friends or a family member at long distances just in seconds.


With the passage of time it’s developed and become wireless this called mobile phone. As its name it is mobile so we can carry it everywhere. Now the man at the telephone is able to see the distant person to whom he is speaking as Graham Bell Said. Mean they can video call each other. Different cellular companies are providing these services in different countries of the world. These companies attract there consumers with different call, massage and internet bundles.

This is beneficiary for man as he can communicate with people and their loving ones instantly. But it also has negative impacts on our society. As people especially women make long calls with their loving ones this waste their time. This is effecting our new generation as they waste their most of time in texting each other. This is affecting their studies and making them lazy. In the end telephone is a good invention but its uses make it good or bad.

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