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Television is one of the main modern inventions. It is an easy source of information, entertainment and education.  It plays an important role to promote human knowledge. Now the world has become a global village. It is because of rapid transmission of data from one area to a remote one. In this rapid transmission of information, television is second to none.

Television is the most common form of communication. It is used in business and science. Security personnel also use it to monitor the buildings and plants. Doctors can look into human body with microscopic television camera. Educators use television to access students throughout the world.

Television is a system of sending and receiving pictures and sound. It works by mean of electric signals. These signals are broadcast from a television station. Television sets receive these signals.

A Television program is created by focusing a television camera on a scene. The camera changes light from the scene into an electric signal. It is called the video signal.

Audio signals from microphone are placed near the scene. They flow to the control room. There they are amplified and combined. The programme is finalized. The signals are then sent to the transmitter.

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