Tell Me Your Dreams (Book Review)

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thriller                                                                                                                                 Tell Me Your Dreams is a novel written by an American author Sidney Sheldon, This novel is Thriller type of novel based on the concept of Multiple Personality Disorder. This novel has been declared the best seller of the year 1998.So basically there is a main character in this novel named as Ashley Patterson,the whole story revolves around this young,attractive,and beautiful girl.Ashley is basically a workaholic person who prefers to stay alone.She only has her father and mother in her family.She works in a computer company where she have two co-workers named as Toni Prescott and Alette Peters which are totally different to Ashley.Toni is a lively girl which likes to enjoy her life,and she knows very well how to deal with this mean worid and she gets angry very quickly.While on the other hand Alette is a polite and shy girl from Rome,Alette has God gifted quality that she is a brilliant painter.But interestingly in the end it  is exposed that Toni and Alette are not indiviuals but they are two personalities which have been splitted in Ashley Patterson.Starting chapters maybe a bit confusing but once you have started reading it ragularly it would be very easy and intresting for you,infact you won't be able to close that novel before you finish it.Than in the middle of the story some problems start to come in Ashley's life as she was accused for a series of murders about which she din't even know,but the suspects and the proofs says that all the murders were done by Ashley Patterson.But in the conclusion of the story the law enforcement agencies investigated that those murders wern't actually done by Ashley but they were done by one of the multiple personality of Ashley called Toni.The reason behind all the problems of Ashley and her disorder is very paniful and breathtaking.Ashley got into this disorder because in her earlier age she went through a very paniful incident and that incident was that her own father raped her several times,which made Ashley metally sick and took her into many comlexities and depressions.To fight those depressions Ashley got another personality in her called Toni which took stand for her own rigths and saved her from this mean world,But at the end Ashley was taken to the rehabilitation hospital where her treatment started and after a long time period she recovered that disorder and became a helthy citizen.

According to my point of view this is a really good novel and if you love thrill and suspence than this is the rigth option for you.No matter that if you are a ragular reader or not you're really gonna like it.



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