Ten important points about blood donation

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1-Before blood donation drink plenty of water:

Sometimes after blood donation you may feel dizzy and fatigue even some people faint. The cause of these changes is drop of your blood pressure that caused by donation of blood.

 2-Do not forget full breakfast:

This prevent drop of blood pressure after donation so you will not feel dizzy. But it is better consider a sufficient interval between taking breakfast and donation otherwise lead to severe nausea.

 3-Do not take fatty meal 24 hours before donation:

After donation your blood going be tested and analysis , if the amount of fat in high in your blood these tests and analysis will not response well, finally your blood should be through away.

4-Iron sources are the best diet:

Spinach, egg and red meat are good sources of iron. If you add these to your diet 2 weeks before blood donation, the iron in your blood will increase and your blood is more healthy and useful for recipient.

5-Stress and anxiety cause low blood pressure:

Take a deep breath before donation ,or during donation talk with a friend or someone that performing the procedure, even you can sing a song or watch TV.

6-Do not stand up suddenly after donation:

When the procedure finished wait a while in supine position then set and drink some juice or sugary drink this will compensate the lost fluid and also help to not drop your blood sugar.

7-Do not drive after donation for few hours:

May be you feel dizzy for few hours after donation so it is better avoid driving for few hours.

8-Take protein containing meal few hours after donation:

Red meat and chicken are best foods you can take after donation but you must drink plenty of water at the same time.

9-Do not do heavy works after donation till end of the day:

Better to avoid heavy works or if your job requires heavy works take vocation in donation day, because the vein that you donate through it, may open again and bleed under skin that is very painful.

10-The most important, who should not donate?

:Avoid blood donation if

a-Your body weight is less than 50kg

b-Your age is less than 18 years

c-You have dangerous experience lately, don’t shy fill the form honestly

d-You have diseases like hepatitis C or B or HIV

e-You are abusing some drugs

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