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The most successful action and science fiction filmmaker has become a 3D-format father in the broad industry. James Cameron, who is an engineer, has created his own 3D cameras TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY for the first time on the screens flashed in 1991 with the special sound and visual effects shaking the cinema halls. And it's completely redesigned 3D version is another, a higher level of cinema effects, with new generations of movie fans in the 21st century.

When we heard the phrase of the Terminator: I'll be back - in the second movie, we could not guess that it would come back to the screens again. Director James Cameron, who has already successfully tested film conversion to 3D with Titanic, decided to resurrect TERMINATOR 2, a blockbuster having fans of all ages, for a new life.

It is tough for a sequel to be better than the first film, but T2 pulls off the close to impossible. Absolutely the BEST Terminator film to date.

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TERMINATOR 2 - is the most popular film of all Terminator franchise that raises questions about the future, fate, free will, and technology.

Actually, there is no sense to write a simple review of this film as the movie is enough old; and I guess, everybody already saw it. Let's talk about something more relevant to bitlanders blogging theme - artificial intelligence used in the film.

Still, what about the second movie of Terminator franchise is?


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The Plot

Humanity, in 1997, after experiencing an atomic apocalypse, lives in a fierce battle with its own-made robots and machines. Cyborgs are sending two robotic prototypes in the past to finally eliminate the leader of human resistance John Konor (Edward Furlong). Their mission is to kill him in childhood.

The first T-800 model failed to do that in 1984. The second, more advanced model, T-1000 (Robert Patrick), made of an alloy capable to change its form, in the 1990s, began the persecution of John and his mother Sarah Konor (Linda Hamilton).

Future people rescue the young leader by sending another terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger). The future of civilization is in his hands. A powerful robotic duel is becoming historic. While the child teaches terminator some humanity, his mother is hurry to destroy the first examples of intelligent machines created. Having a good terminator, two Connors begin to change the future of humanity.

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Robot T-1000 

The main antipode is a  liquid policeman Austin performed by Robert Patrick. This terminator model is more powerful and improved. Bullets in its body will make small holes that will instantly disappear. Robert will have a practically silent role; his hero will be not endowed with excessive talkativeness. But mimics and gestures it will show plenty. A very worthy negative character turned out from him.

At the same time when appeared Terminator, in another area of Los Angeles — in Santa Fe — another robot arrives, the T-1000. He kills a policeman attracted by the noise from under the bridge. Touching the body of a man, the cyborg recreates his clothes on himself, gets into his car and dials the John Connor request in a police computer.

Having received John’s address on the computer, the T-1000 finds his home. Taking a photograph from John’s adoptive parents, he goes in search and, asking people on the streets, finds John in the Gallery. Like all other people, John takes the T-1000 for a policeman and runs away from him, stumbling across a T-800 on the way. Two robots began to fight. 

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Using the fight of two robots, a teenager runs away from the building on his moped. Behind him on a stolen truck rushes T-1000, followed by - T-800 on a motorcycle. they manage to break away from the pursuit of the T-1000. So, that is how robot entered the film's action. 

It can turn into any person suitable for his parameters. It inexorably goes to robot's goal - John Connor. It cannot just be destroyed as the T-800 in the first film. It can quite successfully pretend to be a man, and so much that he can be trusted. It consists of liquid metal, which allows it to pass through walls, create piercing tools. All these qualities allow putting the T-1000 in one line with the most terrible villains in world cinema.

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Robot T-800 

The main mystery lay in exactly what character should play Arnold Schwarzenegger. Positive or negative? Arnie himself gives the answer. He has already played evil; now there will be only good ones. Without Arnold, it would not be the Terminator. He is its face: wearing black glasses, leather trousers, a jacket, and a motorcycle.

In TERMINATOR 2, the cyborg-killer Arnold Schwarzenegger is back. Returned so that for the fans of Terminator sequel it turned into a real surprise. Terminator now is an obsolete model that now protects the main character, and they are both opposed by a new generation cyborg fighter made of liquid metal.

Late in the evening, a T-800 appears from a dazzling flash of light in appearance, in appearance - a naked man. To fulfill his mission, it needs clothes, a vehicle, and weapons, which he takes away from the biker in a bar located nearby.

The T-800 is programmed to protect John Connor until August 29, 1997 - on this very day, Skynet will provoke a third world war.

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Released Sarah Connor struggles with the thought that the T-800 is a defender. The fact is that he looks exactly like the terminator who killed all her relatives in 1984. However, she soon admits that she will be not able to cope with the T-1000 on her own, just because the method of its destruction is not known for certain.

Arnold Schwarzenegger played as it should: without unnecessary words and emotions. Serious, formidable, strong - in general, just as everything was necessary.

 The film has several amusing minor lines. For example, the way the T-800 is humanized. It tries to understand people. Will the robot understand?

Terminator is no longer a soulless machine - it's hard to believe that his actions are not guided by the heart, but by the program.

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The Terminator's Characteristics

A simple viewer sees the terminator and what characteristics come to mind - it is durable, it does not feel pain, it is strong, it does not need oxygen, it has a simple priority system, it is not able to think flexibly, also acts flexibly, goes along the least resistance path. Here, this is the list of characteristics that the average viewer will intuitively see or at least understand.

What do we see in the end? Durability is an argument by the endless swarm of bullets throughout the film, and it doesn’t even blink - it confirms his insensitivity. He cuts his hand for the sake of evidence, tears off his hand, which has been chewed by the machine, giving priority to the pursuit of the goal.

Terminator is strong - well, there is no point in the listing. The entire film he demonstrates his dizzying hydraulics in his arms and legs.

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Oxygen is not needed for terminator. With a bold step, the cyborg moved into the room, where neurotoxic gases started flooding. Cameron used this twist for the second trick — the shooting where the dummy moved in the hallway, and smoke was needed to disguise it. He shot two birds with one bullet.

Breaking the wall to get Sarah - the logic of least resistance.

Crawling over the weapon, as if it were the only useful means in the field of his view to fight, despite the futility of the whole situation - the reverse side of the shifted system of priorities, which once again shows the intelligence of machines.

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Other Characters

The protagonist of the movie TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY - John Connor - a difficult teenager, to which life has presented some very unpleasant surprises.

John's mother, Sarah Connor, is under the strict supervision of doctors and nurses in a psychiatric clinic that looks more like a prison than a medical facility. She has a strong character, a heart of gold. Yes, viewers want to empathize her.

The adoptive parents of the guy barely cope with the rebellious teenager, who is completely deprived of respect for them and all the time falls into unpleasant stories.

John did not know who was his father. His mother assured that his name was Kyle Reese, and he was a soldier who came from the future to stop the cyborg killer. In this possible future, the rebels fight a destructive war against the catacombs of humanity, and only he, John Connor, can inspire people to resist. 

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That is why the artificial intelligence Skynet, controlling the machines, decides to destroy John in the past - that in the future, he simply does not exist. Skynet made his first attempt by sending a terminator in 1984 - a humanoid robot. specializing in murder. Kyle Reese was called to stop it.

John started believing in his own chosenness and dutifully, studied everything that might be useful to him in the future, but soon he faced another reality - his mother was declared insane. Completely disappointed in the outside world, John directs all the energy and knowledge gained to disorderly conduct, hacking, and theft.

This continued until, right in front of the guy's eyes, a hefty guy (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in a leather jacket shot a policeman. Killed, contrary to common sense, not only able to get up but also started chasing with inhuman speed. It soon becomes clear that he is chasing precisely John - and not at all for having another conversation with him.


Arnold Schwarzenegger interview for TERMINATOR 2 - Video credit: youtube 

John learns from the guy who saved him that the story told by Sarah is true. He really is the future savior of the world, and the big man who saved him was sent to his defense from the future by the T-800 terminator. The policeman who stubbornly chased them, is SkyNet’s second ambassador, the most advanced machine of the time from the liquid metal.

John Connor himself, however, has a completely different plan - to begin with, he decides to free his mother from the hospital, although this is fraught with great danger. 

Not wanting to agree with the deaths of thousands of people who will be victims of Skynet’s action, Sarah decides to act as radically as artificial intelligence - they open the hunt for the main Cyberdyne Systems Engineer Miles Dyson, who supervised the creation of Skynet. Miles Dyson, learning about the possible results of his research, himself helps to destroy the laboratory with all patterns.

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However, this is not enough. To prevent the Doomsday, it is necessary to destroy the two carriers of future technologies - the T-800 and T-1000 cyborgs.

 The philosophy of TERMINATOR

It's not easy to imagine such a thing in a fantasy action movie, but it is successfully combined with everything here. The film more than once raised the topic of a person’s life, his fate. John Connor understands the significance of life and tries to direct his bodyguard to the right side:

The Terminator : Why do you cry?

John Connor : You mean people?

The Terminator : Yes.

John Connor : I don't know. We just cry. You know, when it hurts.

The Terminator : Pain causes it?

John Connor : No, it's when there's nothing wrong with you, but you hurt anyway. You get it?

The Terminator : No.

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An interesting fact is that in his film, Cameron made the murderous cyborg understand the price of human life.

On A Final Note

At the end of the review, I return again to the main character performed by Arnold Schwarzenegger that is loved by many for always keeping promises. He said that will be back, and always came back. Viewers love him for becoming more human, understanding why people cry, and for the fact that when he left, he clenched his fist and raised his thumb up. It was a gesture of the movie.

In general, Cameron founded a revolutionary idea and proved its epic on memorable examples, and not on words alone. And as for me, this is the very thing that the current lazy generation needs.

The director has created a brilliant picture that combines an interesting and exciting plot, spectacular special effects, a topic relevant to our day, and deep meaning.

In our times, when technological progress has reached a high level, people are actively engaged in scientific activities. And no one excludes the possibility that in the near future, robots, soulless and harsh, will live side by side with humans.

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This film is a kind of caution that clearly shows the viewer what might happen to humanity if science goes too far. James Cameron convinces us that no scientific and technical progress can replace the precious to humans - kindness, humanity, conscience, and simple everyday happiness.

This is not a simple commercial project with a beautiful picture and a banal predictable storyline; it is a true masterpiece of cinema art that absolutely everyone should see.

Even if a machine knows the value of human life, maybe we will be able to find out someday too. 

 Even though this movie was made nearly 30 years ago, almost nothing about it feels dated.

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My rating: 9.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 93/100
Metacritic: 75/100
Critics average: 94/100
IMDb: 8.5/10

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