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Christian Bale after the awesome revival of the Batman has committed to revive another cult personage - Terminator in TERMINATOR SALVATION. Director McG 4 years ago offered the actor to play the role of a fighter against the powerful robots - John Connor, but then he was not interested. Still, the scandalous British signed the contract immediately for the play in the trilogy, as soon as he learned that the fantasy action thriller script was overwritten by Jonathan, the brother of Christopher Nolan. 

The fourth part of the apocalyptic work initiated by James Cameron was named the most anticipated summer movie in 2009. It is expected the film will bring new financial records, stylish images, spectacular action scenes, and unrealistic quality, although McG, the author of the foolish comedy Charlie's Angels, who boldly assumed enormous responsibility, impressed not all.

It was enough for the director to show a 15-minute excerpt of the future hit to dispel the doubts of the producers and to be officially confirmed as the winner of the film director's chair.

As a huge of the first terminator film, I thought that T2 was too family friendly and moved away from the real plot. T3 although average set the scene for T4 which was innovative, clever, told a brilliant story, and paired Bale and Sam Worthington together who were brilliant.

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From the very first days, the rumors about the participation of the legendary Terminator at least in a significant episodic role, but no one was in a hurry to confirm this. Old good California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger exchanged bodybuilding exercises for political intrigue and has not much free time.

There were rumors that McG has come up with an original way of exploiting a veteran of 61-year-old Austrian origin. He scanned Arni's face and recorded a voice, and the T-800 was entrusted to actor Roland Kickinger, who deliberately features Arnold Schwarzenegger's appearance and even embodies it in one TV movie.

So, are you ready for a trip to 2018, when the naughty robots will be eradicated by about 95% of civilization and turn the modern world into a faceless desert? This will the swan song of the contemporary effects and makeup professor Stan Winston. The winner of the four Oscar awards worked intensively in designing gigantic robots but went to the Kingdom of Heaven without awaiting for another premiere.

TERMINATOR SALVATION, Official Trailer -  Video credit: youtube 

The Plot

2018. The post-apocalyptic world, when no cities exist on the Earth's surface, and the rest of the living people will not care about any presidential elections, financial crises, and entertainment. 

The world was captured by technologies created by us - people who imagined themselves as gods on Earth. Invisible networks shrouded megalopolis and intertwined in all spheres of our life. Machines, robots, all kinds of gadgets regularly do programmed functions like millions of soldiers. Countless army expects the leader. It is not long to wait.

Uncompromising war is coming. John Connor will assume the responsibility of leading a resistance group into the battle against Skynet's army of Terminators.

The mysterious freak Markus Vraith, who almost does not remember his past, knows just about the fact that he recently waited in prison for a death sentence starts to question the attitude of a young fighter John. 

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In the late 80s, his mission was to destroy a certain lady, Sarah Connor, but the outcome of this mission was a nuclear war. In the second part, our robot, which has undergone reprogramming, is already trying to save the very Sarah Connor and her son John from the misfortune of evil machines that appear on the Earth. Well, the trilogy was completed by the story of Terminator battle with a robot in the form of a fatal beauty which wanted to destroy John Connor.

Many years have passed, or to say otherwise, the future has come. 2009 gave the audience the fourth part about the adventures of the robot defender. This time, Terminator was sent to protect, fight evil for justice and for the lives of people. He is showing no emotion, completely iron inside and looking like a man outside. In his hand is always a gun that, having shot once, can smash everything within a radius of one hundred meters. His hand is strong and can punch through even the strongest door. His gait is alarming to others because when he walks, the entire earth shakes. He is a brave machine with a mechanical heart. Terminator. 

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The executed criminal Markus Wright, who devoted his body to science, woke up on the ruins of the civilized world, which had survived the judgment day and plunged into a war with machines. The battle is hot: people try to decipher the signals with which Skynet controls his metal army.

Arnold Schwarzenegger gave his role to Sam Worthington, who will now play the Terminator. In my opinion, brilliantly. Many features of the hero are preserved, the image is in place, and it is interesting to watch. He really impressed with his performance. In my opinion, he is a very vivid, lively character, and at times, he even overshadowed Connor.

Sam Warrington justified the expectations, and he became the most mysterious character in the picture. The storyline with him is the most intense and entertaining, and the ending is directly related to the fate of Connor and, possibly, will affect him cardinally.

Terminator Franchise: TERMINATOR SALVATION - Photo credit: twitur

TERMINATOR SALVATION - the entire film of Marcus Wright. The new discovery of James Cameron - the Australian miracle named Sam Worthington - does something impossible in the film: makes you forget about the need for Schwarzenegger, and about the war with the machines.

He is so cool and limited in the image of the key personage of the film that all questions to the new Terminator disappear by themselves. The whole ideological component of the TERMINATOR SALVATION is connected with the story of Marcus Wright. Markus Wright showed the eternal problem of good and evil in each of us. 

 But even though he was half a machine, he remained a real person, able to feel physical and mental pain, able to love and able to sacrifice.

This character is chosen very handy and very fresh. You even begin to worry about Marcus, who does not understand who he is and why he is. Against the background of the constantly fighting John Connor with his unshakable views and faith in victory, Marcus looks like a bewildered puppet of SkyNet, who does not understand why he was given a second chance in life! In the end, Wright will understand what he was so eager to understand!

TERMINATOR SALVATION, Attack on Skynet - Video credit: youtube

I am sincerely sorry for Marcus, and his belief in humanity touched my heart. This character is very vital and radical! 


In the fourth part, there are too many complex mechanisms. If in the previous parts, the mechanical heroes were limited to ten, then here almost everything is mechanical and electronic. Electronic machines, incomprehensible mechanical systems and even microorganisms of the smallest sizes.

Skynet now makes human-like cyborgs. In a word, the smell of metal and engine oil emanates from the film.

TERMINATOR SALVATION  review - Photo credit: pantomimaluminosa.blogspot

A huge number of machines SkyNet products pleased the eye. Over the entire film, we see such models as the T-600. Terminators with rubber skin T-600 are exactly as we could imagine: those very cumbersome big monsters shoot out of large-caliber machine guns all living things around. A huge awkward fellow; of course, at that time, there was still no such perfect killer as the T-800. By the way, it will appear at the end. And guess what? You can also look at such a transformer as a reaper. A huge robot designed to pick up people on SkyNet bases.

 The robot that collects surviving people with moto-terminators and other combat models of Skynet’s army raise fear and make people doubt their victory: how can a fragile person successfully fight this? Or my favorite motorcycle terminators. Dexterous racers who do not give anyone the win.

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Other Heroes

John Connor is already an adult, and there is nothing childish and not resolute in his eyes. From the homeless, which he appeared before us in the third part, nothing left. His mission now is to exterminate crowds of all mechanical systems that literally flooded everything around. He seems to be the leader of the human race, which over time suffered losses.

The main character here will be Christian Bale, who smoothly turned from Batman to John Connor. To be honest, I immediately adapted to Bale as Connor. That homeless person from the third part did not particularly impress me. I admit that I was afraid to see the homeless Christian too, but, thank God, this did not happen. As always, he is cold-blooded, courageous, fair, fast, and charming.

Science fiction film TERMINATOR SALVATION - Photo credit: imdb

Changing the future, he changed the course of the war, which began to evolve more rapidly, and it became harder to keep the blow and hope in the hearts of the people. But he was a leader and he will always remain a leader.

Young Kyle Reeves was great played by Anton Yelchin. We all remember the beautiful fighter from the first part, but at the moment he is too young and often makes mistakes, but he learns and never gives up. The beginnings of the future savior are clearly visible, which means that Anton can be praised with successful work.

He is very natural, unconstrained. He easily enters the role, feeling and understanding his character, and Yelchin looks good on the screen, whether it be the Space Ship Enterprise or the post-apocalyptic world of the future.

The film about robots: TERMINATOR SALVATION - Photo credit: sweetandsourcritics.blogspot

We Must Stay Humans

McG made his film also about the heart, but unlike Cameron, he does not lean on human emotions, humanism, and hope for a successful outcome.

McG is trying to talk with the viewer about what the machine can not do - about saving other people not only from death but also from despair, for the sake of something larger than yourself are.

The meaning of existence is to fulfill your purpose - any cyborg will tell you that. But to save one or many can only act that you are not obliged to commit.

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The suicide bombers are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of charismatic personalities, but there is a question, is it worth saving humanity where there are many scoundrels and criminals?

The moral is that in any situation, in any world, we must stay humans. We should be not cold and make calculating decisions, like machines. Indeed, now, in the age of universal computerization, machines capture our minds and our time. Computers, laptops, cell phones, players - all these are achievements of modern civilization, firmly included in our life. They are convenient and practical, but you should never fall into dependence on machines, even the most innocent. Though, probably I dig too deeply.

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The film is filled with meaning. It makes you think about the price of life, about what is important in our lives and what we can donate, though not for the sake of peace, but for the sake of man. This is what distinguishes a person from a soulless machine.

On A Final Note

Terminator is a movie where its atmosphere should be felt, the constant sense of danger that the enemy will find and kill and nothing never stop it.

Entertainment is at its greatest. We see very realistic effects, robots, car chases, and especially explosions. Of course, the money allocated for the production of the film clearly did great work; everything looks very cool.

TERMINATOR SALVATION review- Photo credit: wirsindmovies

The film met my personal expectations. TERMINATOR SALVATION - a bright, modern, modernized, spectacular film. Of course, the first thing that catches your eye is breathtaking special effects. Dynamic, spectacular, strong, powerful. 

 Praise to the masters of computer graphics working on the film. There is something to see. The post-apocalyptic world is presented very real, like all sorts of explosions. Sometimes it seems that their fire is scorching, and you are sitting in the hall, and you can feel the smoke emanating from the next killed terminator. It made the film at the highest level: real landscapes, huge robots slightly resembling transformers, lively and darkly solemn music.

Marcus Wright : What is it that makes us human? It's not something you can program. You can't put it into a chip. It's the strength of the human heart. The difference between us and machines.

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My rating: 7.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 33100
Metacritic: 49/100
Critics average: 54/100
IMDb: 6.6/10

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