Terrorism and Pakistan

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Terrorism has affected Pakistan a lot. Pakistan paid huge sacrifices in eliminating terrorism. From start of millennium Pakistan is putting its keen efforts for this cause. More than 55000 civilians and military men lost their lives to make country terror free. Ignorance of these efforts and sacrifices by international community is really hard and effecting Pakistan’s efforts badly. International community instead of putting baseless criticism on Pakistan and its efforts to eliminate terrorism must acknowledge our efforts. Apart from all these issues Pakistan did not stopped its efforts to make region safe and terror free.

After America’s invasion of Afghanistan terrorists started moving towards Pakistan’s tribal region. Pakistani military launched its first operation in 2004 against terrorists. This was first step in elimination of terrorism from Pakistan. In response militants started attacks on Pakistan’s civil society. Mosques, play grounds, schools nothing was safe at that time. Coward militants killed innocent children and women to take revenge of operation. Drone strikes were also giving fuel to fire. America’s drone strikes increased resentment in Pakistani society against America and brought sympathies to Taliban. Thus effecting Operation.


We must think together now and countries must support Pakistan in the war against terror. The western countries and the world must realize that Pakistan is suffering the most in the war against terror.
Terrorism is a global issue and all the countries should think seriously about “peace”.

Pakistan has played a very positive role in “marking an end to terrorism”. Sometimes people blame Pakistan for terrorism which very harsh and injustice. Since day one Pakistan is working with US and other countries to eliminate terrorism and resolve the issue.Many innocents have lost their lives in the war against the terror. The International community should help Pakistan.
We must stand united against terrorism and we must say “no to terrorism”.

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