Terrorism & Pakistan

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Pakistan is included in those countries those are become Super Atomic Powers. But unfortunately Pakistan is facing to internal and external security problems. Like In Pakistan, some factors are disturbing the Pakistan's system like in the Northern Areas; Terrorists (TTP) is doing their activities without any fear like they are rulers of the Pakistan, and many innocent people are killing in these attacks. Target Killing and Suicide bomb attacks are increasing day by day.




On the other hands, America's drone attacks create a very big question on the Pakistan's leadership because Drone Jutes do their attacks in the area of Pakistan without any permission. After the 9/11 America turned towards the Asia like they interfered in the Afghanistan and spent big time in Afghanistan and in the end they consider that they have achieved their targets in the Afghanistan but it was start up of the new terrorism. Because in the Pakistan is victim of these activities. Our big mistake was that General Musharaf gave an Air Base in the handover of the USA Agencies. America is collecting their soldier's dead bodies in the Afghanistan because they could not finished fight against terrorists in Afghanistan while in Pakistan Terrorism has increased.


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