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Terrorism, in its real concept, means creating fears by using violent means. It involves the use of horrible techniques and ways, destructive weapons and arms to suppress the rights of other. Very often it results into loss of innocent lives. It ranges from  an act of wrong against one individual to the killing of a complete race.

                Now a days Pakistan and even the entire world is in the grip of terrorist activates. Although it is claimed that the new century is the century of human advancement but despite this claim there is uncertainty. The most server victims of terrorism are undoubtedly the weaker nations, particularly the Muslims, as in Afghanistan, Iraq, India, Palestine and Bosnia.

                Terrorism also exists in one pervasive form, i.e state terrorism. In state terrorism, the government of a country is directly involved in using coercive means against some of its own group or community in order to prevent their just struggle. The large scale killings and destructions in Occupied Kashmir by the Indian Army, in Palestine by the Israeli Army and in Bosnia by the Russian troops are its worst examples.

                In some countries like Iraq and Afghanistan the situation is even more different. It is the irony that the USA, which is the spearhead in its so-called war against terrorism, has itself been committing sheer acts of terrorism against the innocent civilians for the last four years. This double standard of USA and its allies have created the worst situation in the whole Muslim world including our country as well.

                There are very disastrous effects of terrorism. During the terrorist activities valuable human lives are destroyed. There is bloodshed. Innocent people are killed. Human properties are destroyed. The economy of country crumbles down. There prevails uncertainty and despair everywhere.

                Major reasons of terrorism are firstly, lack of effective educations. Most of the states are to face weak and discouraging literacy rate and there is resultant ignorance. Secondly, poverty is a root cause of terrorism. If there are no attractive opportunities of employment and on the other side there is rubbing inflation, the natural reaction will be terrorism. Thirdly, sectarianism is a main  cause of terrorism. Unfortunately, religious groups are face to face and lack tolerance for each other. The religious values and principles are not interpreted honestly. Fourthly, some international conspirators are to launch terrorist activities to gain their global goals. Lastly, the suicidal bomb-attacks in recent time have become a very common practice in the hands of the terrorists.

                It is the cry of the day to control terrorism. It can be controlled through positive role of electronic and print media. Our newspapers through columns; our syllabuses and our media through debates, speeches and drams can control or at least reduce terrorism. Teachers can play very vital role in this connection. The most important role is of ulemas or religious leaders. They should preach tolerance, which is, must for controlling seatrain fallings. It is the responsibility of governments to plan for effective education system to enhance literacy rate. It is also necessary to eliminate poverty through sound economical planning. There must be strong check upon global conspirators.

                It is the high time to make the world a happier and peaceful place. Global peace and real human advancement is the need of the time. We should save our succeeding generations from the destructions of terrorism. It is not only the duty of the individuals and governments but also of the international organizations, especially of the United Nation to control despair and deprivation of the small nation.

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