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Some news enters through eyes and ears and reaches heart and brain. This news seems like an earth quick. A few days ago such news and events happened. These events were not in my country but thousands of miles far from my country. But I felt that it happened to me and my family. A case was presented in the new port crown court England. The case was rape of a girl by his real brother. When judge listened the case he could not control his tears. In England there is no respect of relations. Such events are very common there but this was a serious case. The age of that boy was almost 12 years and the girl on whom rape attempted was 10 years old.

After investigation the report was very terracing. This boy was using internet in school for watching hard core sex. After school time he repeats all this with his innocent sister. The case was very serious but the judge sent that boy to the jail of teenagers for 3 years. Another same event happened in where a 13 years old boy was presented in the court as a criminal. Charge sheet was that when the boy was 10 years old he started watching porn videos and when his sexual desire was uncontrolled he raped his 7 years old girl friend. The girl was serious and admitted to the hospital. Judge sent this immature criminal to the teenager’s jail for 3 years. Thousands of such unbelievable events occur in different countries of the world especially European countries. These events are increasing day by day.

The main cause of such sexual crimes is porn material on internet. In England a campaign has started against the online sexual material. In Canada an organization working against those who are involved in spreading this pornographic material. In America FBI is working very extensity to find those people who are distracting the minds of innocent childs. In India supreme court has banned the porn videos on internet because the ratio of rape was increasing day by day. As in our countries there is no research on it so it is very difficult to say how many cases have occurred. If strong policies are not made our young generation will be destroyed and no one can imagine the loss. In our countries all porn site are working which stimulates such criminals may very easily.

Some broad minded people says that ban on porn sites is useless.  According to them if your restrict young child from porn videos and other sexual material he will be more desirous for it. But they are wrong because in England everything is available. There is no restriction on children. But still the cases of rape and other sexual harassment occur.

The only solution for this problem is that all porn sites should be blocked. Filters should be provided with internet connections. Awareness programs should be arranged in communities. Parents and teachers should observe their children. Religious activities should be promoted. By this the ratio of bad events will positively reduce in country.

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