Thai horror movie - Perngmang

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In the year 1821, King Bodin and Professor Sau were obsessed with making the traditional Mohn hill-tribe drum. The story circled for a while that during the making of the drum the band broke up and King Badin’s child died. After a while their story was forgotten, 60 years later, teacher Duang inherited the drum from King Bodin. Many revered this drum as an instrument with a spirit that protects the musicians. If any musicians pledge their legacy to the spirit of the drum, they must honour their pledge or suffer ill fate.

Ping, a young orphan is determined to study traditional art. He is so eager to learn that he secretly practices during the night. One night he meets a young mysterious girl who sees his determination so she starts to teach him. They grow close and finally fall in love. Unknowingly, Ping is about to learn the truth about the drum.

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