Thailand - A Country with mix culture of Old n New!

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This Year in 2016, I and my wife opted to visit Thailand for first time. Never knew things about Thailand but only heard from people that it's a place for only Sex and fun but not family place. Still we decided to go Thailand to explore and check the reality with our own experience.

The first day we landed at Swarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, we both were amazed by the beauty of Thailand and bell rang in our heart that it's gonna be much more than what we heard.. and so our journey started with a positive feeling that we gonna deal with some new culture, place and typical sea-food for next 5 days ;)

We went to Pattaya stayed there for  2 days, and visited all the islands and sea beaches throughout the day, but as soon as sun set the whole Pattaya has a different identity with a different culture and nightlife.

Roads which were busy with traffic and only shops was turned into street-food market and many road side small bars with lots of funky music and drinks for the tourists to enjoy were placed. It was totally different life from the one we saw in day time.

We tasted all the sea-food that we wanted at different places with different ways of making. But after day full of tiredness we needed something that can rejenuvate our body with freshness and what else could be better than getting a 'Thai-Massage' .. Ohh yeaaa.. Yes we went for Thai-Massage, the most famous in our country about thailand.. We entered into the shop and hesitated to go for it as my wife was with me, thinking what kind of massage will it be, i went up and when I got my body laid on bed, then for next  one hour it was like body was fully refreshed and was so relaxing that i would have slept there only. 

But to be true, this trip has brought lots of different experience in our life, first it cleared our mind that Thailand is not a place for what we hear from others but is a place with dignity and beauty around it. Also it is the country which has maintained its culture by following it and it can be easily observed by simply looking at the temples beautifully maintained by people and also this country is going in right direction of development which is also clearly visible by looking at the infrastructure and opportunities for people working there from around the world.

This trip totally changed the image of Thailand in my mind and now I don't believe on what people say about any place, untill I myself visit the place and create of my own.

So for me, Thailand is not a place for sex or nightlife but a Country with mix culture of Old n New!



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