Thailand, Vietnam arrested three people kidnapped, cut fingers countrymen

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Thai police have arrested three Vietnamese men who allegedly kidnapped for ransom countrymen. In one incident, three men also cut the victim's fingers to intimidate.


The arrests were made ​​after Tai Hua Hai, 39, who sells fish at the market strolling City Bang Yai, Nonthaburi province, was kidnapped.

The suspects were identified as Tai Hai Nguyen, 27, Niam, 28, and Long, 28. These people appeared in the press conference by police on Saturday last.

Police said the gang had kidnapped in Tai Hua Hai Bang Yai area in the district and asked his wife to pay 1.5 million baht ransom.

When the wife just gave them 100,000 baht, we've cut a little finger of the victim and his relatives sent with threats to cut both arms next time.

Victim's wife then sought the help of police in Bang Yai. Later, police found the victim exhausted, blindfolded and chained in the bathroom of an abandoned house.

3 suspects escaped fled before police arrived.

However, early on Saturday, police received word the suspects are hiding in Pattaya. They were arrested later.

Police are looking for two more suspects again. One is Thongsin, supposedly gang leader, and Nguyen Tian Lab, who cut finger Tai Hua Hai.

Police said the gang had previously kidnapped a Vietnamese boy who was captured and a ransom of 80,000 baht.

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