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Maumau Web TV thank Film Annex for their Web TV initiative, which is perfect for independent filmmakers to promote our jobs while allowing us to finance our future film or video projects.

Maumau Web TV, began a few months ago with a scarce library of original content, struggling to produce more due to the financial or promotional difficulties that many independent filmmakers face at  the very beginning of our careers, but thanks to Film Annex, who offers the open library of films and also to fellow filmmakes who agreed to promote their job, Maumau Web TV has been able to generate revenues to continue the production of original content. 

Maumau Web TV now features 11 channels with short films, movies, documentaries, series from the best talent all around the world, and also daily blog posts and news from the entertainment industry; but soon more channels are about to come to expand the experience of Free Quality Entertainment in our Web TV with exclusives and so much more to share. 

Fellow filmmakers, this is a great opportunity for us from Film Annex, it takes hard work but that is how everything is achieved, and in the long or short term, it's all worth  it, and we can have a future as filmmakers.

                                                     Thank you Film Annex!

Read more movie news and watch trailers at Maumau Web TV's blog posts or watch The Best Free movies on its 11 great channels.

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