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I would like to thank every who has welcomed me back to this site with such ease. I got stuck right in again and the buzz score and messages about my film are amazing.

I really appreciate all of your feedback and will always take it on board. I would also like to thank you for your time to simply just give me a buzz, it is really appreciated and within a week i have gone back up from 0 to 36 all down to you guys.

I will continue to upload projects I'm working on and write about all of the films I have been a part of. 

I am going to put a link to all the films I've worked on this year and explain what i did on the shoots. Some i won't be able to because they are private because of festivals and so forth so I will link you guys to as many as i can, I will start later today by showing you a really stunning film by a very talented director who is in my year at uni. 



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My name is Dominic Mathewson and I am a young film maker.

My aim is to challenge boundaries and share stories that I feel need to be shared.

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