That annoying Bird called Flappy!

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I’ve never been addicted to any game and this includes this shitting Flappy Bird! I only played this just for competition. I had no plan to download this ever since the game was introduced. Aside from not being impressed with this game I asked myself, “Anong mapapala ko sa larong to?” It has no benefits! A time-filler perhaps, but what else?! NONE!!

Then here comes a friend who started rumbling about this flapping bird and dared me to beat his score. And I know myself—I’m a competitive guy and I have never turned my back to those who challenged me.

The result?! The screenshot below!

Well, of course, he’s the first one to admit defeat. His score was 200+, I think. I really wanted to say that it was very easy for me to get that score but it was not. I only played Flappy every Friday night because I had these ridiculous consequences to myself like: I won’t eat!, I won’t take a bath!, I won’t sleep! and so on if I cannot beat my own score or my friend’s score.

After all those crazy nights, and winning that so called ‘tournament’, I uninstalled Flappy Bird!

How about you? Did you try this game? What’s your highest score?



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