That Didn't Just Happen (Part1)

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Every girl's dream is to have a happily ever after with her prince charming or  knight in a shining armor.

But not anymore with Ey.

When that evening came. That's when she thought believing in the power of the law of attraction isn't so bad.

Everything just happened in a snap. She couldn't figure out how it'd all started and where it'd all begun. All she knew was the moment she opened her door, she thought she could just play along. She was afraid it might stop because right in front of her was a pair of sparkling, smiling eyes. That smile also matched the one that played on his pink, thin, and symmetrical lips. She liked looking at him because he's one of the reasons she couldn't stop watching that TV series even if she had enough of medical stories—Jo In Sung.

For some reason, they ended up in her room together. As if it was the only place in the world. He lied on her bed, topless. He's not used yet to a hot Christmas month because it was always freezing in Korea.

Ey wore a tanktop. Not skimpy but enough to bare some flesh. She never wears one but it was so hot and the guy in the room added to it.

They were waiting for something but Ey couldn't put her finger what was it about.

Time ticked and passed.

"Let's take a picture," Ey initiated. She was sitting on the floor beside the bed. Jo In Sung looked at her as if she suddenly spoke French. His perfectly arched eyebrows narrowing.

Ey was enthusiastic but he was anxious. He couldn't let his fans see any photos of them together. He's topless! And on a bed!

Ey scowled. Not that he would upload them on SNS anyway.

It was a dream come true for her!

Jo In Sung eventually appreciated the glimmer in her eyes. He smiled as he rolled over and leaned in and almost said yes but the door burst open.

Cont: What Could Have Happened Next

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