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Ever wonder why you feel so good after a workout?  Well I have, and have recently found that our brain does this cool little thing where it releases endorphins. I have come to love this feeling especially after a rough day or even week.

I was looking for a new hobby, something to make me feel better about myself and decided to join a gym. At first glance, I was quickly intimidated by the amount of machines and the beautiful creatures using them. However, I learned rather quickly why people love the feeling of working out, despite the sweat trickling down from every inch of their body.

After each workout, I would notice a sense of happiness and confidence that was not there before I entered the gym. I thought to myself, “Wow, I could get used to this.” We often here the term “runner’s high” and that is exactly what it feels like. It’s almost as if you reach this state of euphoria. You can thank your brain for that.

Endorphins allow your perception of pain to almost disappear. Once your brain releases endorphins it causes you to gain a positive feeling. Now think of it this way, the more you exercise the more positive you will feel. When coffee or a nap just won’t do the trick, I would suggest incorporating exercise into your routine.

Exercising daily has been linked to boosting self esteem, reduce stress levels, strengthen your heart etc. I have noticed that I feel a lot better if I do work out and put my all into it. We all live stressful lives and could use a little escape, even if it is for an hour, so why not give it a shot.

Overall, I’m sure we all knew exercise has all these benefits but your brain also plays a part.

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Brooklyn based Magda Ryszkiewicz is a passionate soon-to-be college graduate with a concentration in physical therapy. Her goal in life is to help others in need of physical assistance and ultimately entrepreneurship, by opening her own medical practice in the future. Fun fact: She feels cleaning calms and clears her…

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