The 100 Foot Journey

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This story revolves around a family in +India, who's business is in the Indian gourmet food area. They open up a restaurant in +London at some point, later they find they don't really like the +location and need a change.

The +family travels to +France as a new location. The father of the family finds a suitable location, the only problem is, less than 100 yards is a fine French dining establishment with a one star merit. Which is quite important in the fine dining French experience. Needless to say, this Indian family has a hard time blending in and getting people to appreciate foods from their culture.

I really liked this movie. Its one of those feel good movies, you will fall in love with. The characters did a pretty good job in this movie for the most part. I would recommend this movie to anybody. I give it an 7.8 / 10.

PS. Special shout out for Ecco The Dolphin to check this one out. I know she loves Indian food and she knows, who she is by the reference.


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