The 7 Self-Destructive Habits Of Poor People You Must Avoid, To Become Rich!

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The Rich do the things that make rich. The Poor do the things that make poor. When you stop doing the things that make poor, and start doing the things that make rich, you'll surely become RICH. Find out what you must avoid!

Habit 1: Inability to Save and Invest.

The poor work for money just as much as the rich do. But even though they know that "it is not how much money you make, but how much of it you keep and multiply that makes you rich", they still are unable to apply that principle. On the other hand, the rich not only work for money, but more importantly, they send money to work for them, by applying the above principle.


 Habit 2: The Poor keep poor company.

In other words, they do not go where the money is. If you want money, go where the money is! Some jobs, trades, businesses, careers, professions and locations offer better chances, not only for making big money, but also for meeting the movers and shakers of society and serving them. When you deal with the wealthy, their wealth must rub off on you, somehow. If your job, trade, profession, business, career or location is not leading you to that level of life you want to live, then why stick to it? Make a change! It is never too late to go where the money is. The earlier you do the better.

Habit 3: The Poor focus on financial survival.

The poor tend to forgo many of their needs and adopt the habit of continual self-denial. They cut-back on essential needs and even the occasional small luxuries. Instead of finding ways to create additional streams of income to meet their expanding needs, they focus on what next to forgo, to avoid debts. Thus, they perpetually fight a losing battle of expanding needs versus shrinking income.

Habit 4: The Poor expect a financial miracle!

Hence they get involved in pools betting, gambling, casino, and other get-rich-quick activities, hoping for sudden wealth that never comes. They end up making others (the pools and casino owners) richer, and they themselves poorer. The fact that casinos and pools betting are thriving businesses suggests that there are more losers than winners. While the poor WAIT to get lucky, the rich WORK to get lucky.

Habit 5: The Poor fail to recognize potential Money.

In other words, they fail to recognize money that is not yet converted into cash or paper money. Many poor people have dis-used assets, talents, abilities, specialized knowledge, information and hobbies that could be converted into cash or developed into full fledged businesses. But they are unable to convert or package these advantages into products and services that many people want and are willing to pay for. They forget that they can create enormous wealth by simply adapting their talents and abilities towards the improvement of life for many others, through the provision of services or products.

 Habit 6: The Poor lack solid money-making ideas.

If you can generate workable money ideas, you can become rich. You are truly poor only when you lack ideas. If you cannot finance your money ideas, then approach benefactors or financiers with your workable proposals, money idea or business plan, showing how and where you want them to come in. If necessary, explain what results or profit you expect, and how they can benefit from it. Money will always chase good money-making ideas, well presented. The best ideas are simple and easy to finance.

Habit 7: The Poor give reasons.

The poor give all sorts of reasons and excuses for their failure and inability to become rich. The poor are good at not accepting responsibility for their financial status or station in life. They will rather blame other people and circumstances for their plight, failure and lack of achievement. Hear them. If I had a university degree! If I did not have a wife and children! If the economy was not into recession! If I were younger! If I had rich parents, etc. However, no matter what alibis they come up with, they still remain poor because alibis cannot translate into money.


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