The ABC of a person :)

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We all know that a person really have an Attitude, Behavior, and Character. Or, to make it short, the ABC. Attitude, Behavior, and Character seem to be synonymous with each other but there is really a difference among the three of them. (Well, except for the spelling. HAHA :D)

Attitude is how a person react with something through his/her actions. For example is, when your mother told you to do something and you don't want it, so, you tend to bang the doors, and do things in an intense way without saying a word. That's Attitude.

Behavior is how a person reacts through his/her words. So, let's just stick with the first example I gave. But in behavior, you would tend to murmur when your parents asked you to do something.  

And, the Character is how a person react to a certain thing through his/her heart. Because there are times that we may not respond to a certain thing through actions and words. We would just keep it in the heart, right? So, it is where Characters comes in. :))


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