The Ability To Love, despite the Pain

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The dangers of taking advise from a worldly view is that it makes you twice as prideful as you were in the past. We often relate to this pride as 'Strength' which is the opposite way around.

There's nothing strong about condemning, there's nothing strong about revenge, there's nothing strong about vengeance, you just fail to acknowledge that you are weak.

The strongest person in the end wil be the first one to say this line :
"You have hurt me, you've broken my heart, you've destroyed my life - but because what I'm feeling now is nothing compared to what Christ has felt, I have no right to condemn - but to love."

It's hard, but it's signifies strength "The ability to love, despite the pain."

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I am just like you. A simple dude, and a gamer!
But there's something that distinguishes me from the rest, that's my love for Jesus Christ. :) God bless.

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