The Afghan Development Cycle: From Computers to Personal Computers

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Question: Why are you building schools in Afghanistan and financing the construction of INTERNET classrooms?

Answer: I want to motivate every Afghan family to have their own personal computer at home"


Computer installation in Afghanistan schools via private investment.

Branding of the project by providing branded t-shirts for construction workers and students, displaying logos on screensavers and banners, motivating private enterprises to join the Afghan Development Project.

Video documentation of the process before, during and after the renovation, including interviews and opening ceremony footage, and a clear branding testimonial of the project.

Online Software for testing and gathering demographic and performance data on students in order to facilitate the process of rewarding and scholarship selection.

Financial Rewards and Scholarships to motivate students to improve testing on the online software.

Mobile Money payments to reward the best performers and scholarship winners.

The above will motivate students families to purchase Personal Computers to give access to their children to further education through online programs like the Khan Academy and Film Annex Social Curriculum and win further Rewards and Scholarships.

The process is simple and privately financed: Computers + Branding + Videos + Online Software + Financial Rewards + Mobile Money + Personal Computers = Better and more Computers + Branding + Videos + Online Software + Financial Rewards + Mobile Money + Personal Computers, etc.

A self-sustaining cycle based on Digital Media and private Enterprise investments to support Afghanistan Educational System and fuel the growth of Afghanistan's Economy and GDP. This fits the vision of leading CEOs and investors involved in the Film Annex Afghan Digital Business Incubator.


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