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I want to say as we know, Education is a phenomenon that leads people to happy and serendipity in this world and hereafter. And if we find the reasons of all developments in the world, it is the result of good and useful Education. Therefore improvement is not possible without Education.

 Education benefits are including: (educated and advanced society / strong economy / healthier society / clean and beautiful environment, and finally a society with peace and joy and intimacy.

Our country Afghanistan is one of the countries that their learning or academia year begins with the coming of spring and it‘s holiday season is winter. Because Afghanistan is one of the world so cold three months of the winter season is closed. 

Education in the nation's largest transmitter of culture, civilization and knowledge from generation to generation is considered.Nowadays, methods of teaching and learning to become an advanced knowledge and Educational science major role in the transformation and modernization of the Education system are.

people who live in a small rural towns, the rate of primary schools, middle and high school students were expanded to hundreds of thousands of students, but the schools were deprived of the basic amenities were not enough textbooks, board, chalk and the classes were held under the sun, trees and tents.

 It's good to say, Education in our country has grown very fast. Nowadays almost majority of our people are educated. Especially our young generation which are the futures of our country.

Improvements of Education in our country are: establish of schools / universities / training courses / scholarships and also using new technology in Education system of Afghanistan.It is worthy of mentioning to say There are still improvements that we want to get in the field of Education as a developed country and neighboring countries to be educated.

It is worthy of mentioning to say that there are still some areas in Afghanistan which don’t have complete security and good facilities in Education filed, especially for girls who are wishing to participate at schools and learn something for serving their country. We ask from our government to pave the ground of Education for those kinds of children or girls.

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Farhad Hakim was born in Nimroz-Afghanistan. He is graduated from Tajrobawi High school in Herat. Farhad is studying Computer Science field in Qhalib private Higher Education University in Herat-Afghanistan. He has worked as cultural and consultant employee extensively in Nimeroz, Herat and more recently in Kabul.He has started to work…

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