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It is perfectly human to have an ambition and to take steps to realize it. Every student sets before him a goal and looks upon education as a means to achieve that goal. It is quite necessary that education and ambition of life should be linked. A student should take up subjects that should help him realize his ambition. What is the aim or object of life? Why are we born? Is the purpose of our life to become a doctor or a engineer, or a teacher, or a lawyer or a civil or military officer? Why do we adopt these professions to earn heaps of money? The answer to the last question determines towards life.

The purpose of main creation is not so insignificant as to hanker after a few bits of brown and blue papers. The purpose of our creation is to worship God. To worship God does not merely mean to believe in some dogmas and certain rituals and rites. God enjoins on us to fulfill Haqooq-ul-Abad. These two combined together from the real purpose of life. God does not need our prayers nor does he want us to flatter him. What pleases him most is our Good relations with our fellow men. In the Holy Quraan God declares a mighty reward for him “You Show Sympathy on the entire Creature, I Will Shower My Sympathy on You”.  Truth, Purity, Unselfishness, Humility, Patience, Thankfulness, Self Control, Chastity, Courage and Forgiveness are the morals that bring man close not to other men but also to his creator.

The aim of my life is to acquire these morals so that I may serve humanity to seek God’s Pleasure.

Everybody should have a clear concept of what he wants to be in life. The aim is essential to make his life successful. Without an aim life is like walking in the dark where a man tumbles here and there.  A clear goal fixes the direction of our efforts and inspires us to do our best for the achievement of that goal. No doubt a doctor or an engineer or a teacher or a person belonging to any profession can do so. But the dazzling light of the worldly comforts makes him forget his real motive and intention. He is led astray and is lost in labyrinth of worldly want to be a true Muslim who brings comfort to everyone.

I want to become a lecturer as I can have the better opportunity to voice my ideas among a receptive audience. I believe that a teacher is in the best position to inculcate his ideas. I want to discuss those things that are normally ignored by most of the other people.

I want to develop my personality in such away so that everyone could not help loving me, and this I can do if I just act upon the moral values taught by Islam. I want to be a teacher because if you want to inculcate your ideas in others you must have such an audience that is keen to listen to you and respectful to you and teaching is only profession where you have the ideal condition to do so. I have got many things to put into the minds of the new generations.

I want to first make myself an ideal character so that I may have a receptive audience and then I have lot of things to share with my audience. I just want that People do not Indulge Themselves in materialism. Money is the root cause of many evils. Every second person is build in his craze for money Man is even ready to do anything below his dignity.

I love my God. I fear him too. He has bestowed upon me his unlimited blessings. My parents who brought me up and made me capable of bringing up my children, my brother, sisters, and friends who share my pains and pleasures, The cool breeze that kisses me with the dawn of every new day the shining sun that fills me with the warmth of life. The beautiful flowers, tall trees, running brooks, and mighty mountains that lease colors, odour and strength to my life all are God’s blessings. I want other human beings to share these blessings with me. I want to share tom’s pain. I want to guide misguided Dick. I want to heal the unhealthy mind. I want to be a social worker.

I am helpful that God will help me and put me in the ideal position so that. I may translate my dreams in to reality though my taste is quite difficult. Many temptations are that to distract me but I pray to God that he may help me. May God bless me with success. 

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