The Antwerp Diamond Heist

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Today I am going to talk about one of the most successful robbery ever.

The Antwerp Diamond Heist
Antwerp, Belgium, the diamond capital of the world. Most of the world’s diamonds are being held in that city before they head to the market.  
In 2007 master criminals stole $28 million in uncut dimonds. The robbers managed to walk away, and the case is still unsolved.
Seems very professional and, therefore, successful. There are only few criminals in the world that can compare to the group of these guys. The thieves escaped without an incident. They we able to fake security camera footage, used copied keys, bypassed the vault's multi-million dollar security system. 
I don't support any illegal activity. However, in my view those criminals kind of deserved to get some benefits as they prepared themselves so well. I am joking, but the fact is the fact. This story tells us how possible it is to face smart thieves. 
The diamonds seem disappeared for good.
Several years earlier though (in 2003), the other group of bad guys managed to steal even more. $100,000,000.00  disappeared for good. 
We tend to hear a lot of stories about escaped prisoners, but the ones who steal in a smart way and manage to disappear is some what different. I like such a genre. It shows criminals as smart guys, highly qualified and skillful. 
Some of us spend hours and hours in offices, but some of us think how to make money in one of the illegal ways. Some people cheat casinos, some people create new technologies. This question is indeed about human nature. There is something in subconscious of each person, something that makes him or her love more or less. This is why this world is so different, and each of us can be surely called an individual. We all are different. Good or bad, but different.

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