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Have you ever taken time to admire and appreciate

the beauty of nature?

Have you sometimes stared at the sky and wondered

why we have made such a mess of things.

Have you ever wondered how we have torn apart the

lands and the seas and cut down the trees

all in the name of progress and development? It is

such a tragedy that we are damaging things so

fast and they will soon be way beyond repair. It is

very sad to think that future generations will

not have the immense beauty of the nature to enjoy

as we have had.



There is so much beauty all around us to see, touch

and hear. Nature is always changing and that

makes it so amazing . It doesn't  matter how many

times you try to look anywhere at something, it is

always different. Nature can set the sky aflame at

sunset or magically transform a familiar landscape

into a wonderland. It is a paint of a rainbow in the

sky, incredible beautiful autumn colors on trees, or

paint a clump of sunflowers in the grass with glow of

soft sunlight.



Nature can bring a lot of beauty in our lives. Nature

has a way affects our mood. When it's sunny and

bright outside, we feel joy inside. When it's cloudy

and rainy, and we often feel gloomy. When there's

a beautiful night and the stars, moonlight makes us

feel romantic. When we see the budding leaves on

a tree, comes new hope for us. Nature really is an

integral part of our lives.



When you wake up and watch the sunrise, when we

walk, we feel the breeze, when we look at the

mountains and the beauty of the sea, when we see

the earth renew its beauty in each season of every

year, and when the stars shine at night, we should be

very grateful for all these things God gives us

beautiful and wonderful. We need to become more

aware of the nature, which can be a really good

influence on our lives, how we look at things that we

feel about ourselves and how we think.





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