The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Upon reading the" Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin" I felt happy and joyous, that's why; it shows hardworking of the Benjamin Franklin, and besides; it has motivated me how  to study hard and become successful in our life. This autobiography shows the talent and hardworking of him.

I think, as matter of fact, if we study hard and not spending our days in the wrong ways for certain we will have a very successful life in the future.

On the other hand, it shows that human beings should not stay in one path and follow it every day because it makes them both tedious and boring. Furthermore, the one who is successful that has goals in his or her life and trying to achieving them.

In addition, in my point of view, for being successful in the life we must work hard, be patient and thoughtful, feel responsibility, and study hard.

For instance; once when my brother was a school student he was very weak and feeble in his lessons for the sake, he never studied hard and squandered his time in playing games and listening music, so most of time his teachers complained about him, therefore one day I decided to tell him that nothing is valuable than learning and studying hard, it is knowledge that make us and show us the best ways, so several days I advised and motivated him to study hard and told him that if you want to know the meaning of life, so study hard from today, tomorrow is late just Today, besides try to have a hardworking apprenticeship, and I expect more indulgence from you. so by making him aware of the value of the life, therefore he decided to begin a new life and study hard, by passing a few months with studying hard day and night, so he could pass the cankor exam successfully and became succeeded in the his favorite field.

In short, I can say that nothing is important than learning and getting knowledge, so by working hard we will have a very successful life in the future, moreover, try and find your goals in your life

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