The Bar Exam! (Manhattan-centric!)

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Do what you will, but can you pass...
The Bar Exam?

1. What Spring Street watering hole is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Mickey, a former patron?

2. Which historic Union Square neighborhood bar has been featured in THE DEVIL’S OWN and BULLETS OVER BROADWAY?

3. What midtown institution, dating from the 1930’s, welcomes drinkers with a large waving porcine mascot?

4. Where did Thomas Edison stay, and become a regular, while designing a power station in lower Manhattan?

5. True or False: The last of the original early 20th century outdoor beer gardens in New York City is located on the Lower East Side.

6. Which venerable Manhattan bar is known for not admitting women until 1970, and not giving them their own restroom until 1986?

7. What the heck is a “shebeen”, and what well known Third Ave. pub incorporates the word into its name?

8. Where did the real Popeye Doyle, of THE FRENCH CONNECTION fame, often stop for a drink while near the Brooklyn Bridge?

9. What mostly affectionate nickname did Toots Shor give to patrons at his now gone but world renowned bar on 51st St. ?

10. Where in today’s financial district did General George Washington bid farewell to his officers at the conclusion of the Revolutionary War?


1. The Ear Inn

2. Old Town Bar & Restaurant

3. Rudy’s Bar & Grill

4. The Paris

5. FALSE. The Beer Garden at Bohemia Hall is in Astoria, Queens.

6. McSorley’s Old Ale House

7. “Shebeen” is an illicit pub or bar as in: Molly’s Pub & Restaurant, Shebeen.

8. The Bridge Café

9. Crumbums

10. Fraunces Tavern

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