The Bat's Life

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Bats are small furry mammals with leathery wings. They are the only mammals that can fly. Most bats only fly at night. They rest during the day, hanging upside down in caves, attics, barns, or trees. There are more than 900 kinds of bats, living all over the world, except in very cold places. Some, such as horseshoe bats, are endangered.

Most bats have one baby a year. There is no nest for the young bat to sit in, so it clings to its mother's fur or hangs from a rock. Baby bats feed on their mother's milk for about six weeks.

The vampire
Vampire bats feed on blood. At night they creep on the backs of cattle, bite through the skin and suck out blood.Their teeth are also sharp that they can bite without even waking their victims.

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