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Hello, Friends! I for a long time I am here with an amazing blog.
Friends! Today the topic of my blog is about the journey


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The city of Khairpur is so beautiful and well-decorated place. Yesterday we went to the fair of Khairpur with my two friends on a bike. We are three members only. It was a long journey. There was a time I am together with my friends. 

Start the journey

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After then journey starts that we are two members because the third member is already on the Khairpur fair. He invites us. We start the journey in the morning 6:20 O’clock. Then journey was so long. We were very tired.



Katas Fort


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After 1 hour and twenty minutes, we reach to the katas fort. We take many pictures and take breath their about 20 to 30 minute. The pond of the katas fort was too beautiful. But no one can swim there. There we eat many things like wontons etc. katas Fort is the Fort of the Hindu. Katas fort is situated on the way of kewra and katas. We enjoy their very much. After this, we again start the journey of the Khairpur fair.

Seeing the cement factories


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After some time we reach the factories of the cement. It was the huge factories. There are many workers. We saw many workers doing the work. They work honestly. And then we take selfies of the factories. We also take the selfies of the worker doing the work. We take there about 40 minutes and take tea with workers. Then we again start our journey. The road of the khaipur is beautiful. There are many trees around the roads of the kahirpur.

Khairpur fair

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After 2 hours and 15 minutes, we reach on the fair of the Khairpur. The are many people in the fair of the Khairpur fair. First, we met our sweet friend. Which is the fair of the khaipur? We met with our friend. Then we eat many things on the fair. We were very tired. We take a breath at home on my friend. And in the evening we start the to enjoy the visit the fair of the Khairpur. Some hour we sleep and after sleeping we start to visit the fair of the Khairpur. It was the huge fair of the Khairpur. First, we buy the wonton and eat him with tea. The wontons were spicy and delicious. We eat wontons to our fill.

Enjoying the fair

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We are very happy that finally, we reach the fair of the Khairpur. We walk about here and there and enjoy you. There was a time when I meet with my sweet friend after a long time. We take tea with my friends in his house. His house is so beautiful and well decorated. His house has two stories. My friends also that we met after a long time let take some pics. After this, we thing that we went to visit the khewra salt mines. Khewra salt mines are so beautiful and world 2nd salt mines in the world. It is situated in khewra. So it’s name is khewra salt mines. For the first time that we start a long journey.

Start visit khewra

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At about 2’O clock we start to visit khewra salt mines. It is too far from the Khairpur. But we start to visit the khewra salt mines. At that moment we are very happy. We start the journey. My friends have a car so we decided that we visit khewra salt mines with a car. The road of the khewra is so beautiful and too dangerous Because it is situated in the corner of the mountain. We saw the huge factories. when we entered in the khewra. We saw that many shopkeepers sailing the twice made with salt. He also sells the crockery made with salt. The crockery and the twice was so beautiful. But the rate of those things is high. But we ignore them and after 2 hours and thirty-eight minute finally, we reach to the khewra salt mines.

Entering in the mines

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After parking the car we buy a ticket to enter the mine. The rule of the entering khewra salt mines is that we can’t enter in the khewra salt mines without a ticket. The rate of the ticket was 200 hundred RS. I bought three tickets there is three security guard standing in the way of the salt mines. We can’t carry those things which are not allowed. There are many people going in the khewra salt mines. At that moment we show the tickets to the security guard standing at the gate of the mines and enter the mine. The khewra salt mines were cold inside but we walk and after some minute we reach in the hall. There are many shopkeepers which are selling the wontons and fruit chaat and other goods of this kind. But we bought one Pepsi bottle because we eat many things. One of my friends is suffering in the problem of the breath. But we are happy that there was a dispensary in the salt mine of khewra. We enjoy to our fill. This mine is huge and long mine that I have never seen in my life. After this, we book a room because we go back to home because the season is rainy. And our home is too far. We sleep there and in the morning we take breakfast and start the visit to return our home.


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After enjoying this beautiful journey we return to our home. First, we release our friend in the Khairpur and met him and take a bike to start our returning home journey. We are very tired but we are very happy that we met our friends and enjoy a long journey with him. After 10:34:55 O’clock we reach our home.

Ending words



Friends these are two my best friends as I say that my two brothers. This was the most beautiful journey that I never forget. I love with my friends mostly. May he live long?
So Friends! I hope that you have like my blog. Stay turn for the next post.
Saad Hadi




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