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The best place to visit on your trip to Karachi. What makes this place more beautiful is the cold breeze you can fell in love with and on the other hand it is the most dangerous place too.

Image result for karachi sea view photos


Image result for karachi sea view photos


 i would like to debrief my experience on the things to do and things not to do, if you ever visited there.


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Well as ya all know or may not know that all the citizens of the country Pakistan , those people who have not the best jobs to work and want to accomplish their needs they travel to Karachi.(The city of lights) to conquer their dreams for anything, because the people here believes that Karachi owns the best jobs for them.then they divides in the business everywhere in Karachi.
Some of them starts camel riding as a single person business to earn and live freely.
SO, my first experience went great on the camel and i enjoyed a lot! speaking from my point of view that you will have your biggest scary nightmare kind of thing experienced when you sat on the camel and then when it stands up. OMG! i was like shouting. LOL

 THE SAYING GOES AS THAT "Every breeze will amaze you and you will fell the richness filled culture there".


Damn! This is the best part of Sea view Beach Karachi.I mean who would say no to horse riding and you don't want to own some membership of a superior club to access this facility just need all is visit this beautiful place sometime and the horse rider who owns the horse will ask you that sit, Come on now , take my horse and run.this is the best experience of my life. there are kinds of horses there but i will disclose the topic here because i am not willing to write my blog on types of horses but i assumed if you are interested in reading types of horses, click the link below.


Ghazi Horse                                                                                                                                source

   Find here the breeds and different types of Horses IN Pakistan.



There are Restaurants to offer legit food in best prize.
SOME of them are : 

Salt'n Pepper Village


Kolachi the magnificent restaurant.

many more are there yet to be proved as to be the number 1 of Karachi.


now let me tell you that how is this place so dangerous and that is why i have named the blog as "THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST".i have not copied the name from any where but this blog proves as to read by this Title i have provided here.

The people are often in the water floating in the water to far away and to deep near death and that is why almost 50 people a year dies while having fun with their Relatives or friends.the people who die are almost the teenagers who have a crazy junction and almost have the will power to do anything there and they die.
Now you will be wondering how they are dead just by chilling and having fun in the water.
let me brief this for you guys n gals.
let me tell you how water waves are doing it or let make it simple as how the waves are drowning the people swimming at the beach.The Karachi beach is one of the dangerous beach ever where the waves are formed in parallel like i would have to say that the waves at Karachi beach have resist no force upon them.
There are 2 types of waves which have the main role in drowning of them are shaggy waves which are of white color as to be seen by the naked eye and the other waves are just simple waves.The strategy it forms for drowning people is that 2 types of waves comes grunting and smashing the rocks towards the people in the water, the shaggy waves transmit their energy to another white shaggy waves and which keeps coming forwards and the other type of wave pulls back and if there are swimmers in that waves, founds dead by the end of the day because these waves as pulling them backwards to the deep water and any one in the wave dies too.


                                                  The 2 types of water waves in the picture.

You never really know what's coming. A small wave, or maybe a big one. All you can really do is hope that when it comes, you can surf over it, instead of drown in its monstrosity.
Alysha Speer 

That's all. thanks for reading.

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