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GOD blessed this world with a huge beauty of nature, where ever our sight goes every thing shows the beauty of nature and sometimes such things gives extra ordinary look, such type of imaginary look that our mental eye can just imagine. 

When spring season come then every flower, every tree grows and these all things looks like the rebirth their life after a certain age. It looks like everything is happy and enjoy the new life.


The beautiful white newly born flower of cherry, plum trees looks like the fairies or like rings of diamonds that are hanging from the cherry and plum trees.It looks very beautiful, when the fresh air of spring blows,  the dancing of the flower with in the jungle as if they are welcoming to someone with a great joy, and the whole tree full of white flowers which looks likes a princess wearing a pure white gown and are walking in the heaven.
Similarly when the sunshine falls upon the clear pure water, the bed of the diamonds in the water i-e the beds of pebbles in the water seems like to be still for sometime as if they are resting in the shine of sunlight and wants to stop every thing for a moment.It looks awesome when water is flowing smoothly in the clear stream on the bed of pebbles. In the sunshine the bed of pebbles in the clear water looks like the box of pearl that shines with in the clear water.

AS the chirping of birds in the early morning hears to be like if they are singing sweet songs and has such feelings as like if a person is rewarded with a great reward and he is happy for it.
Nature has such type of extra ordinary beauty that we can`t imagine.Nature is full of beauty, love, happiness,joy with a hope of new life for everything.

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