The behavior of children

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if cased all of us in the memory of his childhood Vsaosr inevitably on the anniversary of the first time that you know where to play the ball , and Septsm of his behavior in that moment . Embraces the child after the first contact with the ball , and cries when he tries to convince him to give her an adult for second place in the stadium .

Love ownership Spontaneous pushing children to this behavior is funny , and soon learns that the ball mostly created for trading , while rising with age when few wild behavior acquisitions. The contest those few policy and you shall do what I did ring the younger Mubarak and cause a revolution .

Brotherhood has practiced the same savagery , including confirms partnership with intellectual and psychological first group , after the partnership interest in the management, and this constant as the format of the facts in the election between the two parties , and the commitment of the group bearded not to participate in demonstrations and strikes against the monopoly Intellectual street . For this , it is unfair to include the expression « the remnants of the old regime » or « the old regime's symbols » the two sides together .

Even if things looked different in the apparent , Partnership still united . Were convicted of one body , one of them carrying weapons and the other carrying the camera and microphone. Have confirmed the period , from June 30 until today , they shared together in the new feature is the proficiency shuffling papers and threw scourge on other forces in society .

Fraud in determining enemies practiced by the group is the group practiced bearded bearded « remnants of Mubarak branch » , but when you select friends. All the time does not differentiate between media discourse Filoly management Mubarak and between the armed forces , trying to give a single system image Maadi Brotherhood and the customers who made the film January 25 !

Adhesion behavior and suggest someone friendship is the highest type of behavior described viscosity when practiced by a person to achieve little benefit , but when practiced by societal forces with each other and become dangerous fraud .

In our case, the damage will be located on the military , who want to get out by the sound of a confrontation with an international plan violent , did not give up after the success of a plan to convert the region into small sectarian and ethnic lines .

Without volunteer praise shade higher - than doing this role and increase them sufficiently - but accounts of social forces , army combat his faith and his officers, social affiliation was not with Mubarak on Jan. 25 , just as it was not with Marina and his group on June 30. Did not crystallize the position of the military in the eighteen days of January and February 2011 , but much earlier curb prices for the sale of state institutions , and that a fixed date and his witnesses alive. As for the revolution of January 25 , Valahmq only considers a conspiracy arose suddenly . The blind visionary who deny the people of the revolution they matured in six years . Mubarak escaped from the risk of falling more than once , most notably the Mahalla strike ( April 6, 2008) , and the image of President Dest shoes for the first time since the beginning of the republican government . The verdict was going to form a criminal organization , which disrupted CSS capabilities Egyptians and killed their dreams , Vthart the middle class and other classes followed . This is the crime of mass murder was not held accountable by one , but impunity does not justify the murderers out to the surface again , brazenly defying people's dreams , and foolishly continue to shuffle the deck .

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